In this video, we meet with Eddie Jordan of UCD Lyons to discuss the role of precision agriculture throughout their operation. We look at their new Abbey Isobus tanker with our flow and application control with our Trimble GFX 750.

We continue the discussion on the role of agriculture with Eddie and Ian from UCD Lyons. In this video, we look at how they are using technology for more accurate applications across UCD’s farm. We look at how retrofitting our Trimble solution allowed UCD to take a further step into their precision agriculture journey with less investment required.
Part 3 with UCD Lyons, in this video we look at how they are using precision Agri solutions when spreading, reducing their input costs with accurate applications. We also look at how they are using our Sparex cameras linked to our GFX750 to improve farm safety.
Looking to improve your management across your full operation? Check out this video with Eddie from UCD Lyons where we discuss the role our Trimble software plays for them.