With the Vidbag dispenser, it is possible to empty a big bag partially. Big bags with seeds, fertilizer, gravel or any other free-flowing material can be emptied controlled. Quick and simple; without leaking! And safe, inserting a Vidbag will be done with the forklift, no need to go under the big bag! Ideal for several applications in agriculture, food, industry, but also for gardeners.

Product Description

The Vidbag is a simple tool to dose and partially empty a big bag. The spike on top provides a good penetration into the big bag, the big bag keeps its sleek shape and will not leak. Due to the large openings, the product can flow thru very well. With the green valve at the bottom, accurate dosing is possible. After use, the half-full big bag with the Vidbag still in, can be placed on the ground without any damage.

Besides fertilizer, it is also possible to empty bulk bags with gravel, animal feed, seeds, or any other types of flowing materials.

The Vidbag can be expanded with various components. Thus, the Filler is ideal for filling silo bags with gravel. Soon, the range will be extended with the Modulo, on which the big bag can be placed with the Vidbag in it. The big bag is left to stand at height and can be unloaded, for example, in a wheelbarrow.

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