Vehicle Disinfection Mats


Biosecurity Disinfection Mats For Vehicles. 110cm x 380cm x 5cm (2 mats).


Product Description

Disinfection Mats effectively reduce the spread of contaminants from vehicle wheels at the entrances of:

  • farms
  • livestock marts
  • feed factories
  • food processing plants

110cm x 380cm x 5cm (2 mats) designed for use with vehicles.

Mats are laid at entrances and entrance gates. Fill with disinfectant liquid, when you drive over the mat, the liquid will rise onto the wheels. Limit the vehicle speed to 5 km/h.

Matte top mesh: Durable, does not hinder the free flow of disinfectant liquid and at the same time reduces excessive application.

Absorbent foam insert: Polyurethane foam 5cm thick.

Velcro allows for easy removal of foam insert for washing or replacement.

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