Vantage Flow Meter – Hardwired Display


The Flow Meter is easy to install to a slurry tank or an umbilical system.

The Flow Meter helps you maintain control over your slurry spreading and ensures the correct application to your field.

Trade-in options are available, talk to us about your precision slurry spreading needs.

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Product Description

This flow meter is hardwired from the controller to the display.

Our Flow Meter is available in 4, 5 and 6 inch pipe.

The in-cab controller, you set your targeted rate of application, e.g., 2500 gallons per acre. Set the width of your spread, e.g 7.5 M and it will calculate and display your targeted speed, e.g. 8 km/ph. You then adjust the forward speed of your tractor to match the target speed displayed. This allows for the correct application rate, making the best use of your slurry, and getting the best performance from your machinery, especially across hills and longer distances.

A simple and easy-to-use flow meter with buttons on the display that is also easy to fit.

Contact us for a quote now: +353 (0)6370111

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4"Inch Pipe, 5 Inch Pipe

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