Product Description

The Turbo Jet is a versatile and accurate pneumatic applicator and seeder and will deliver product up to 10m working width. The Turbo Jet 8 has eight outlets and the Turbo Jet 10 has ten outlets.

Commonly used for applying clover seed, full-rate grass reseeds, Avadex and cover crops, the Turbo Jet can be calibrated to apply precise rates across a wide range of products from 1kg/ha to more than 100kg/ha (dependent on product, working width and forward speed).

It can be fitted to a wide variety of machines, from grass harrows to cultivators and rolls, as well as being employed as an additional applicator on a grain drill.

Combining the functionality of other machines with one or multiple Turbo Jets creates a one pass machine, thereby reducing workload and thus saving time and money.

  • TURBO JET 8 & 10 (VS-2 CONTROL)

  • Up to 10m working width
  • 240 or 400 litre hopper
  • 5m fused battery power cable and 5m connector and power cables
  • Agitator included as standard
  • Distribution/spreading kit included available as an option
  • Small or large seed and granular (e.g. Avadex) feed block kits available







The VS-2 (Vari-Speed-2) is a simple, low cost method of metering seed and granules in proportion to a constant fixed forward speed.

Application rates are set by a combination of feed roller type and speed. Both can be changed on the move from the tractor seat using a simple dial control.

With optional GPS, the VS-2 can regulate the speed of the feed motor according to forward speed to maintain the selected application rate. This option has an audio visual alarm to alert the operator of any malfunction.


  • Left hand toggle switch – calibrates to actual forward speed
  • Middle toggle switch – main power on/off
  • Right hand toggle – 3 positions (low 1-12, med 13-24 & high 25-36)
  • Dial – positions 1 – 12
  • Right hand toggle & dial – feed motor speed adjustment – 36 different motor speeds
  • LED lights – indicate on/off status or problems with the fan/hopper level contents/feed motor/agitator as indicated


Rates are automatically controlled in proportion to forward speed for ultimate accuracy, and the machine can apply variable rates according to mapping data using a GPS based touch screen*.

*subject to unlock fee

  • Seed application rate kg/ha or seeds/m²
  • Pre-start – ensures seed delivery begins as soon as the drill enters work
  • Rate nudge – on the move adjustment in pre-set increments
  • Forward speed km/hr
  • Minimum/maximum forward speed indicator with alarms
  • Metering unit status (on/off) and alarm
  • Fan status (on/off) and alarm
  • Hopper contents kg and low level alarm
  • Part and full job totals for area (ha), product dispensed (kg) and hours worked
  • Grand total for area (ha) product dispensed (kg) and hours worked
  • ISOBUS compatibility kit available

Turbo Jet 8 VS-2 / Turbo Jet 10 VS-2

  • Twin electric 12v electric fans
  • Working width up to 8m
  • High application rates at fast forward speeds
  • Maximises capacity of 32mm seed pipe
  • Easy access
  • Mesh guard to protect against blockages from straw and chaff


Turbo Jet 8 i-CON / Turbo Jet 10 i-CON

  • Twin digital brushless 12v electric fans, IP68 rated (water and dust resistant)
  • Working width up to 10m
  • Two stage soft start to smooth power requirement
  • Anti-stall fans with self-diagnostic test
  • Maximises capacity of 32mm seed pipe
  • Easy access
  • Mesh guard to protect against blockages from straw and chaff



Working width is largely determined by the type of fan and control system selected along with the type of product.

All VS-2 controlled models and the Turbo Jet 8 i-CON have a maximum working width of 8m.

The Turbo Jet 10 i-CON machines can spread up to 10m.

Whichever model is chosen the high-capacity electric fans ensure a reliable spread and the versatile feed mechanism easily adapts for different rates and products.


The internal diameter of the seed hose is 32mm, considerably greater than most alternatives. A wider diameter hose reduces back pressure and improves air flow, enabling higher application rates at higher forward speeds. A wider diameter hose also reduces the risk of blockages.


Each delivery hose can be split into two using Y connectors so, 8 outlets becomes 16 and 10 outlets becomes 20.

The number of hoses will depend on the product being applied, the implement width and type and the decision to broadcast or band sow.



The robust design of the spreader plates prevents any distortion and ensures a consistent even spread pattern.

Outlets are securely attached to a mounting rail and seed hose and removable bottom plates allow both band and broadcast sowing.