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Trimble Ag Software

Connected precision ag data management

Trimble® Ag Software solutions offer a range of operational, record-keeping, agronomic and connectivity features to help farming businesses focus on what’s most important — getting the work done correctly and efficiently.

3 software options – Data, Operations or Business

Desktop and phone application | It is ‘the cloud’ to back up your Trimble display | Store and manage farm records | Somewhere to show proof of placement

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Product Description

Get to know your Trimble Ag Software options




Trimble Ag Software – Data is Trimble’s entry-level connectivity software license that enables farmers to manage their precision ag data on in-field devices connected to the Trimble Agriculture Cloud. This solution simplifies data transfer between the office and in-cab displays, tracks equipment use and job progress live, and automates the collection and sharing of as-applied records.



  • Entry Level Farm Software
  • Direct Send – Users choose what they would like to send to the display.
  • Applied Task Data automatically sent from device to desktop.
  • Direct Send of fields, boundaries, guidance lines, materials, profiles to devices.
  • Direct send of variable rate prescriptions to devices in the field.
  • Automatically collects data from field to create proof of placement reports.
  • Minimum display SW Version 13.6.
  • 15 day demos available we can also offer longer demos if needed (maximum 90 days).
  • Licenses added and initial sync of data carried out.
  • Mobile app also available.



Trimble Ag Software – Operations enables farmers to manage their in-field activities to optimize operational efficiency via full cloud connectivity. This solution allows farmers to effectively and efficiently run their growing operation by providing the tools to plan work for field activities, track equipment, monitor operator performance and analyze in-field performance.



  • Replaces Farmer Core – Same as Data License + extra features.
  • Work Orders – send tasks to the display from desktop or phone.
  • Data management and seasonal planning.
  • Detailed monitoring.



Trimble Ag Software – Business is Trimble’s advanced software solution that enables businesses to manage the financial, agronomic and operational aspects of their operation. This solution provides businesses with all the features of Trimble Ag Software – Operations plus the tools to analyze farm financials, field scouting, soil and tissue sampling, agronomic planning and productivity analysis.



  • Replaces Farmer Pro – Same as Operations + extra features
  • Inventory management.
  • Agronomy tools.
  • Productivity analysis.
  • Contract Management.
  • Cost and Revenue Tracking.
  • Soil sampling.


Managing your farm workflows

Revolutionise the way you manage your farm operations with Trimble Ag Software, with specific tools and workflows for pre-season planning, in-season execution, and post-season analysis.

Benefits and performance

Trimble’s software solutions are designed to streamline operations, from the cab to the office. Here are a few of the benefits Trimble Ag Software delivers.
  • On-demand status data: The real-time information you need to more effectively run your farming operation and maximise efficiency, delivered wherever you are.
  • Simplify data transfer and sharing: Connectivity makes it easier to move data between the office and in-cab displays, track equipment use and job progress live, and automate the collection and sharing of as-applied records.

10 Benefits of using Trimble’s Ag Software…

  1. Records and farm maps are backed up from your display so no data gets lost.
  2. Ability to sync information from desktop to machine and back again unlike other applications which rely on manual entry.
  3. Farm records and reports easily available in one place on phone/desktop, useful for farm inspections. Reduces paper work and need for hard storage.
  4. Quicker and easier to plan work such as crop rotations, e.g. set your plans for years ahead.
  5. Support locally from Vantage Ireland and also from Trimble.
  6. Remote monitor all applications on farm in cases where the management are not operating the machinery, which in turn allows smooth transitions in change of management or staff in a business.
  7. Looking ahead to the future, prescription maps for variable rate applications such as spreading is now possible, access to all records and information built up over a few years can help in making decisions with prescriptions maps.
  8. Analyze all your data to help with making decisions, the proof of placement reports are a great tool for contractors to offer customers or the farmer to prove what was spread where and when.
  9. Somewhere to store and geo locate your soil samples results, yield data but also your fertilizer and chemicals including slurry, see live as the material quantities change as you spread/apply them to the field.
  10. Increase value of your land, by showing all records carried out in each field over a number of years can improve land value.


Features and capabilities

Trimble Ag Software makes it easier to collect, access and analyze data from every segment of your farm, creating a truly connected farming experience.

Field Manager

Create, manage and sync resources for field work from the office, a tractor cab or anywhere with an internet connection. Farmers can manage all their field data from within Trimble Ag Software.



AutoSync automatically syncs guidance lines, field names, boundaries, materials, implements, vehicles and operator information across all connected devices.


Work Orders

Designed to streamline your workflows, Work Orders are a set of instructions for completing in-field tasks that are created on the web and then synced to Precision-IQ displays to facilitate remote task setup.


Third-party data integrations

Trimble Ag Software holds data compatibility and connectivity agreements with other third-party farm management software platforms, including those from Raven, AGCO, John Deere, Case IH, New Holland and more.


Trimble App Central

Trimble App Central

Accessible on Trimble’s Android-based displays, App Central provides farmers with a library of useful apps for their farm operation, language and regional compliance requirements.


Centralized data management

Data sync features automatically centralize your information as it is collected in order to help you save time compiling and reviewing information, setting up displays and finding the data you need to efficiently scale your business.

Optimized communication and planning

Thanks to live updates, the ability to send prescription files and work order capabilities, you can make sure your team has the information they need to tackle their to-do list so you can get back to yours.

Proof of Placement Reports

Proof of Placement reports – can be created on the Trimble Ag Software from the displays task data.

  • These reports can show the date, time, material, tractor, implement, product used, field, farm and also a coverage map.
  • Costings can also be entered against each of the above.
  • Contractors can send reports to customers, managers for monitoring operators work, and farmers for farm inspections.


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