Muller ISOBUS Joystick



  • Easy to install
  • Quick access to machine functions
  • Reduced pressure on the driver
  • 100% ISOBUS-compatible


Product Description

The joystick is an essential accessory for all machine control systems. It makes operation much easier, enabling the driver to concentrate on the production processes. The joystick can be retrofitted in almost any tractor and is easy to install.

Of course, the joystick is fully ISOBUS-compatible and supports Auxiliary Protocols 1 and 2, making it compatible with all other ISOBUS terminals and machines which have also implemented these protocols.

Quick access to the machine functions is provided by 8 buttons and a side switch which can be used to move between three levels. Up to 24 control commands can therefore be carried out using the joystick. When using a field sprayer, these may be functions such as “fold / unfold boom”, “activate / deactivate sections” or “raise / lower boom”.

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