Muller COMFORT Terminal



  • Large display
  • Customised expansion options thanks to APP&GO
  • One terminal for all machines
  • ISOBUS standardised
    • Control and machine settings
    • Reduces downtime, installation and interface problems and calibration processes
  • Unrestricted visibility in the cab


Product Description

The COMFORT-Terminal is ISOBUS-compatible and meets the highest demands of precision farming. With the ISOBUS-UT app (Universal Terminal) this device meets the ISOBUS 11783 standard and can be used on any machine which complies with this standard, regardless of manufacturer. It offers all the basic functions needed to operate an ISOBUS machine and features an impressive display and many expansion options.

In addition to machine control (ISOBUS-UT app) the COMFORT-Terminal is fitted as standard with ISOBUS task processing (ISOBUS-TC app), enabling data management and prescription maps in ISO-XML format.

All the details can be viewed at a glance on the 10.4″ screen. The upper section of the screen contains the header and the lower section displays machine operation information. Information for a second application (e.g. task processing) can be displayed in the header; this minimises switching of the main screen and makes your work easier.
The APP&GO concept enables a range of functions to be added to the COMFORT-Terminal. In addition to parallel tracking (TRACK-Leader app) and automatic steering (TRACK-Leader TOP), the COMFORT-Terminal also offers the option of GPS-assisted section control (SECTION-Control app). And the comprehensive range of accessories such as cameras, an S-BOX, a LIGHTBAR and a joystick make the user’s life easier.

All terminals are fitted with an integral Tractor-ECU (TECU) as standard. Even in tractors without ISOBUS, this guarantees that the machines receive information such as forward speed, PTO speed, working position and direction of travel. This information is essential nowadays because it is needed for precision farming applications.


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