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LED Head Torch


Multifunction LED head torch with integrated motion control.

Product Description

UTV460 – LED Flexible Headtorch Wave Induction 350 Lumens


Multifunction LED head torch with integrated motion control.

For those jobs that need both hands this head torch doesn’t compromise on brightness boasting 350 actual Lumens perfect for close up work as well as working at distance.

    • UTV460 – LED Flexible Headtorch
    • 350 actual Lumens
    • Perfect for close up work
    • Wave function gives you the freedom to quickly control the settings
    • 230° angle flood light and a side spotlight
    • Versatile, lightweight, waterproof and an adjustable strap
    • Recharge using a USB cable
    • Lithium polymer battery ensures a longer working life
    • 5 modes stored, 2 adjustable brightness levels and flash functions
    • Simply long press for 10 seconds to switch off

High quality LED Torches from UTV, specialising in providing LED lighting solutions in the agricultural sector.

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