FM 750 + AG15 (Used)


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The FM 750 / CFX-750 display is an affordable, multi-function guidance display offering key precision agriculture capabilities. This intuitive display allows you to easily perform day-to-day farming tasks, extend your operating hours, and enhance productivity on your farm.

Range of second-hand guidance displays, all in super condition. For more details contact 06370111

1 in stock

Product Description

The FM 750 / CFX-750 display offers affordable guidance, steering and precision agriculture functionality for planting, spraying, and even manure application. With a 7-inch touchscreen, the display does not require a large space to be installed in the cab.


  • Available position-accuracy services include SBAS (WAAS), Rangepoint RTX, Omnistar XP/G2, Omnistar HP, Centerpoint RTX, and Centerpoint RTK/VRS
  • Compatible with EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot, and AutoPilot vehicle-steering options
  • Using Field-IQ, apply 2 seed varieties (or seed + starter fertilizer) and control up to 48 clutch sections on your planter
  • Control a 3rd-party serial controller on your sprayer or spreader
  • Collect harvest data; transfer to office program for analysis

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