FarmTRX Yield Monitor and Moisture Sensor


Available under TAMS Grants for tillage farmers.


Product Description

Introducing the FarmTRX Yield Monitor and Moisture Sensor, now available with Vantage Ireland.

The FarmTRX Yield Monitor is equipped with ample onboard storage, allowing you to effortlessly archive years of valuable harvest data. It conveniently installs in the cab of your combine and seamlessly pairs with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connectivity.

Enhancing the functionality of your yield monitor, the FarmTRX Moisture Sensor brings advanced moisture capabilities to your farming operations. By installing it at the base of the elevator clean-out door, you gain the ability to view real-time and average moisture readings directly from the comfort of your cab. Furthermore, it provides precision moisture maps for precise moisture management.

The FarmTRX Yield Monitor and Moisture Sensor bundle is compatible with all combine makes, ages, and models, ensuring that you can optimize your harvest regardless of your equipment. Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology now with Vantage Ireland.


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