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Product Description


The Fan Jet range of applicators are cost-effective and multi-purpose. Product is either gravity fed or metered onto a spinning disc for broadcast application. The spinning disc is driven by a 12v electric motor as standard. A choice of hopper size, spread width and mounting options are also available across all models.

Primarily used for slug pellet application, the Fan Jet is also an effective broadcaster of grass seed, other small seeds, granular products, game feed and even fish food!

All Fan Jet applicators share manual headland control functionality which is particularly important with chemical products, including slug pellets, to ensure product does not contaminate water courses or margins.

The table below compares all the applicators in the Fan Jet range.

Spread distance of each Stocks Fan Jet

N.B. Fan Jet maximum spread widths require full-size slug pellets, correct disc height, correct power source and calm conditions.
Hopper capacity for slug pellets: 65 litre = 50kg, 130 litre = 100kg.

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