Data Warehouse


Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is an innovative data management tool that gives Trimble customers – including large enterprise and production farm managers – access to key subsets of data in order to independently create reports and dashboards.

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Product Description

Harness the power of data insights to drive productivity and profitability

Data Warehouse puts control of data into the hands of the customer – allowing you to guide business success in near real time.

Benefits and performance

Trimble’s software solutions are designed to streamline operations, from the cab to the office. Here are a few of the benefits Data Warehouse delivers.

Turn data into actionable insights

Data Warehouse’s easy-to-use tools make analysis simple for business users and key stakeholders, allowing you to improve business efficiency and maximize the effectiveness of your automated workflows.




Drive top- and bottom-line improvements

With business intelligence from Data Warehouse, you can identify growth opportunities in the field – from improved crop performance to increased labor efficiencies.



Making data-driven decisions even easier

Trimble’s large farm and agricultural enterprise customers need streamlined and timely automated data management workflows. What does that look like? Easy-to-access, customized business intelligence reports that enable quick decisions that drive profitability. This requirement is increasingly becoming a must-have when evaluating hardware purchases.

Data Warehouse provides segregated access to customer data, enabling the ability to connect to business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools – such as Tableau and Sisense – as well as integration with other systems like ERP, payroll and other sources.

Data Warehouse is a turnkey solution with a fully managed pipeline, providing faster and more streamlined access to company data than APIs.


Flexible enough to fit your system

Combine with Trimble’s business intelligence (BI) tools or other systems on the market to quickly create unique dashboards and actionable reports.

Catch issues quickly

Develop ‘exception’ reporting to identify data errors and build dashboards to visualize and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

Easy access for all stakeholders

Data Warehouse integrates with other tools and systems used throughout your organization (such as Tableau, Sisense, ERP and payroll) and provides self-service functionality, ensuring everyone has the information they need.

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