The finishing brush kit allows a higher quality of sweeping than the standard bristle (red) thanks to a very fine bristle (for example, sawdust, sand, dust such as cement, plaster, metal sanding, flour, and potato).


Product Description


  • V-shape collects rubbish in the centre of the brush.
  • A life span of 1000 km bristles can then be replaced
  • New technology makes brushes ultra strong.
  • Last 4 times longer than a rotary sweeper
  • Brushes replaced in just a few minutes
  • 30% more efficient compared to a straight push brush
  • Clean in one pass



Designed for simple applications on smooth surfaces.

7 rows of brushes, 3 straight rows, 2 rows with a V-shape at the front to collect rubbish into the centre, and 2 mini rows at the very front of the V.

It comes with pallet fork slippers

Actisweep V7 -1.5 meter, €1550 plus vat

Actisweep V7-1.8 meter, €1750 plus vat

Actisweep V7-2.4 meter, €2050 plus vat



9 rows of brushes 4 straight rows, 3 rows with a V shape to collect rubbish into the middle.

6 widths available 1.5 to 4.8 m

Price includes pallet fork slippers but can be swapped out for bale grab, bucket, loader brackets, and 3-point linkage

Angulation kit also available to pivot the brush 360 degrees to sweep at angles

Actisweep V9 -1.5 meter, €2550 plus vat

Actisweep V9-1.8 meter, €2750 plus vat

Actisweep V9-2.4 meter, €3650 plus vat


Ideal for forklift small and big wheel loaders or rear 3 point linkage of a tractor

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