Actisweep Sweeper


The finishing brush kit allows a higher quality sweeping than the Standard bristle (red) thanks to a very fine bristle (for example sawdust, sand, dust such as cement, plaster, metal sanding, flour, and potato.
This option consists of 5 rows of brushes. It is available for all sweeper widths but will only be useful on the V13.


Product Description

The V13 sweeper, the most powerful and efficient, will prove to be your foolproof equipment for all your daily cleaning operations.

  • The V13 sweeper has a unique V-Concept® patented system that improves sweeping efficiency.

  • The orientation of the brushes in the shape of a “V” allows to gather the sweepings in the center of the sweeper and to remove the swaths which forced to cross the passages.

  • sturdy design thanks to its thick folded steel structure.

  • Thirteen rows of solid polypropylene bristles 300 mm high including 8 straight rows at the back, 3 rows forming a “V” at the front to accumulate waste in the center, and 2 small rows at the tip of the “V” to create a more homogeneous distribution of waste and avoid accumulation of sweepings.

  • Very easily interchangeable brushes.

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