• Straightforward assembly in each installation position
  • Internal long-life current supply
  • Tamper-proof non-erasable and non-resettable time recording
  • Power-saving mode due to independent power on-and-off switching
  • Ideal device to control service intervals
  • Records the lifetime of machines
  • Monitors the operating time of leased machines


Product Description

The Actimat has been designed to determine the operating time of machines and implements.

Function A vibration sensor records the machine’s vibrations and starts the operating hours’ meter.
As an initial operation, the magnet supplied has to be moved over a position marked on the casing (see installation and operation instruction). This prevents unnecessary energy consumption during transport and storage. After the initial operation, the meter cannot be deactivated. The evaluation mode guarantees that temporary machine vibrations lasting up to 3 minutes are not recorded. Likewise, when the machine stops operating for a period of more than 3 minutes no recording takes place and the device switches itself off. The mechanism starts again only when the sensor has received impulses for a period lasting longer than 3 minutes. This electronic solution enables the device to be operated over a long period without batteries having to be changed.

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