GPS Soil Sampling :

Vantage Ireland offers a GPS soil sample collection and testing service in conjunction with FarmTech Solutions. We travel your farm and collect all the necessary samples using a hydraulic Wintex 1000 sampling machine mounted on a quad bike. This enables us to take samples at a consistent depth.

Soil testing is a vital information tool in maximising fertiliser and lime. Getting your soil tested will enable you to take the guesswork out of fixing any nutrient issues.

Samples locations are pinpointed by GPS positioning which is used to create prescription maps.

Soil Sampling hydraulic Wintex 1000


Samples are analysed for Ph, P, K Mg and Lime requirements
In-depth analysis also available for essential trace elements for both crops and grassland.

 Prescription Maps

  • Following a review of the soil test results, a fully compliant nutrient plan is designed in consultation with the grower.
  • We then generate the necessary VRA files for Lime, P, K etc that are made ready for upload to your variable rate spreader.
  • We can assist with in cab support
  • Using Trimble Ag Software, we can accurately guide your spreader, and precisely monitor and control your spreading applications—so you can operate efficiently and save on input costs.

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