About Us

About Us

Enhance the Performance of Old or New Vehicles With Steering & Guidance Systems for Tractors with Precision Ag From Trimble

Vantage Ireland is Trimble’s authorized distributor for Precision Ag products in Ireland. The business works in partnership with Grasstec Group based at its office in Mallow, Co Cork.

Grasstec Group offers a diverse range of dairy services and products to the Agricultural Sector which includes designing infrastructure for grazing systems, designing farmyards, preparing planning applications, providing a grassland consultancy service and a livestock sourcing service.

At Vantage Ireland we are committed to providing the best & latest technology from Trimble to allow the Agricultural sector maximise efficiencies and make the best use of resources. As well as a knowledgeable sales team we have a strong support network in place to support our customers.

Your Challenge:

Integrating the many precision agriculture solutions across your farm is complicated.
• How do you connect precision ag equipment from different brands?
• How do you tie your precision ag solutions together from land prep to harvest?
• How do you use the data you’re collecting?
• Where do you turn for personalized solutions—not a one-size-fits-all answer?

The Answer: Vantage by Trimble Agriculture

Vantage dealers are highly-skilled technology experts representing the entire Trimble product
line. With a deep understanding of all precision agriculture and machinery brands, they serve
as a farmer’s trusted advisor, integrating and supporting a complete, end-to-end solution of
hardware, software, positioning services and data for each operation’s unique needs.

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